Theme,17 Variations, Finale with Improvvisation (extemporary)


Composer: Maria Gabriella Mariani
Edition: Da Vinci Edition
Format: A4 - Paperback
Genre: Instrumental
Instrumentation: Piano
Pages: 48
Period: Contemporary

The theme in C major is simple and short, to lend itself more to a series of variations that amplify the scope and the plurality of characterizations. The system thus becomes orchestral and this determines a virtuosic character that gradually permeates the whole composition. In reality it is not an explosive and referential virtuosity, but only the result of an undoubted difficulty of making the orchestral conception on the piano; on the other hand, in several moments the expressive language becomes intimate, suffused and curt. The piece can be performed by adding the original ending to the Finale, or, before closing, creating an extemporaneous conclusion that acts as a conclusive variation, a sort of cadence that is however placed at the end of the piece. The relevance with the title is dictated by the action of the laser light beam that is printed on a plate making it legible in different dimensions, just like these variations, one connected to the other and all linked together.

Source Da Vinci Publishing · Date 2018