Massimiliano Messieri: Zadig

Zadig: 21 Capriccios for solo Cello and Ipercello


Created by Massimiliano Messieri · Cd

Massimiliano Messieri: Zadig
Band : Massimiliano Messieri, Nicola Baroni
Release Date : 24/03/2017
Label : Amadeus Arte
Catalog ref. : AA 17001
Massimiliano Messieri (1964) – Italian composer, conductor and music director of the Maskfest contemporay music festival – debuts on Amadeus Arte label with Zadig: 21 Capriccios for solo Cello and Ipercello (a Cello amplified and elaborated with a special app created for the project by Nicola Baroni who also wonderfully played).

Every Capriccio is a short and precise sound image related to each chapter of Voltaire’s philosophical novel “Zadig” realized through a distinctive technique and the use of hyper instruments based on the analysis/real-time monitoring of the Cello sound in terms of frequency, amplitude and timbre.

A compelling album completed by extended booklet and “Poetical Notes” by Marcello Fois.

Label Amadeus Arte · Year 2017